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. independence is the spirit that drives america's most successful investors. announcer: trade commission free for 30 days plus get $100 cash when you open an account. >>> welcome back to "squawk on the street." the opening bell is set to ring in one minute. time for our one thing we're watching. that one thing that curly said was most important in life. >> you want to go first? >> no, you go ahead. >> my one thing is just delving into the case-shiller numbers. the markets to watch are cleveland, dallas, denver. why do i pick them? >> i didn't know. because i don't think the browns can do it. the cowboys, maybe. >>. the broncos, i don't know. >> year on year, the 10-city composite is down 15.1%. those three markets down. 3, 3.2 and denver 2.6. >> year over year. that's not bad at all. >> the closest markets to break even on year over year. the next best market is a 5.9 out of boston. then to 10% in charlotte, all the rest are double digits. those three markets are the closest to hitting break even when you talk about hitting bottom truly is the definition of it. >> no disrespect to cleveland,
. he said the biggest position in gold is getting into bank of ameri america. what does it mean? >>> and speaking of that, the ceo of ali baba.com is here. mad man is also coming up. that could be jim cramer. we'll be back. walmart set to open higher after reporting a roughly flat second quarter profit that did beat expectations. joining us now to go inside the numbers, john lawrence, managing director at morgan keegan. how do you view the report? >> well, we view it as a very encouraging report. i mean, we've talked about, for several quarters now, the improvements, the productivity curve that's happening at walmart. you've had nine consecutive quarters now of inventory improvement for this big company. that's pretty impressive when you can get 100 basis points in gross margin. we were looking for an up one comp and it was down one. and then to take the bottom end of the earnings guidance up for the year is pretty impressive to us, some of the things that they're doing. >> inventories was a reduction of 6%. you know, walmart has long mks, of course, of passing along any cost sa
not helping when it comes to modifying mortgages and keeping america out of foreclosures. this is part of a treasury program to modify some 3 to 4 million mortgages over time. bank of america is one of the low ones -- where is the percentage here. 796,000 mortgages. the percentage modifications, just 4%. jpmorgan, these are mortgages that are 60-plus days delinquent and qualify the treasury says for modification programs. 20% modified there. s citi at 15%. the over all average is 9% for all of the bank has were measured by the treasury. so i guess could you call it mark, an attempt to shame the banks into doing more mortgage foreclosures. >> it's not in their financial interest to do that? >> to do what? >> to modify loans? >> right, but i mean -- >> you've got three kinds of delinquent borrowers, the one is they're way over their hesd, even if you modify the loan, they can't keep up. so there's no incentive to help them. another is they're behind but if you cut them a little slack, they'll be able to catch up. so there's no incentive to modify them. so you don't have that many people
-- they haven't completed the deal, but announcing the deal, pepsi bottling group and pepsi america. and another update on the fertilizer issue. we're talking about cf, that increased its offer to terra. agrium has been try to go guy cf. terra has said no to cf. cf has succeedsfully said no to agriium for some time. nonetheless, cf seems to be emboldened and perhaps thinks it's got a real shot at buying terra. hence the company has increased its offer for that company to a fixed exchange ratio of 0.465 for its shares. the prior bid had been arranged between 0.41 and 0.45. the new offer values terra at about $37.20 or what we call $3.7 billion worth of cf stock price. they also say that once we get together, if you allow us to, we will spend a billion in buying back stock, and they also will be giving cf or its terra shareholders what they call a contingent share that could be converted into common stock should the stock trade at more than $115 a share over a specified period so trying to increase value, conserve value, give future value, and get terra to the table in what has been, as i said, a
seen study after study and spoken to many ceo nasdaq ths in who say america is not number one in alternative energy. it's a far cry from what the president has said, he wants us to be the largest exporter of alternative energy in the world. are you considering more effort and specific effort on alternative energy? >> i think that you're going to see a big change over the course of the next few years in terms of job creation and the renewable energy area. partly because the investment that has to be made. so we're coupling the big investments through commerce, the department of energy, through research and development, all those things that were neglected for the last eight years. finally, there's tax incentives and breaks that are going to be made available for industries to come along and, of course, the federal government and local and state governments will partner with them. i'm seeing leadership in the state of michigan and ohio and other places where we're starting to retool those, for example, auto workers. they now want to get into turbo, wind, energy and solar panel i
's happening now. america's most dependable 3g network. bringing you the first and only wireless 4g network. sprint. the now network. deaf, hard of hearing and people with speech disabilities access www.sprintrelay.com. >>> hi, we're back. let's check out how the futures look light now. down, actually, closed a few minutes ago. closed down 5.90, three points below fair value. looking at a 20 point drop on the dow at the o joining me here on the floor. bernie mcsherry. good morning, good to see you. >> good morning, mark. >> i continue to have the same thing to say. this market is resilient, it just won't go down. >> it is amazing, we've all been expecting some kind of pullback, virtually every pro. i wouldn't be surprised to see a little 150idways. we've had a big meal, maybe we need to digest it on the couch for a little bit. >> but that's different saying we should take stuff off the table, we're overextend. >> i agree. buy and hold investors got burned so badly over the last year or so, they've been creeping back into the market over the last couple of month, but they'll be spooked at th
that drives america's most successful investors. announcer: trade commission-free for 30 days plus get $100 cash when you open an account. >>> all right. welcome back to cnbc "squawk on the street." opening bell is going to ring in about three minutes. time now for our one thing, one thing. >> what's your one thing, mark? >> check out a chart of the yield on the two-year note. >> while it's coming up. >> you see that? that's -- look at that yield decline. we were at 1 1/4 or better, just less than two weeks ago. and now we're at 1%. we were at .97% yesterday. and my point of this is, what you're seeing there is an aversion to risk. you're looking at people fleeing from risk. that's one of the reasons stocks have gotten really, really choppy here is that chart shows you money flowing in the treasuries, especially the two year. >> my one thing is barnes and noble, bks, it's going to open higher. they have the same issue as everybody else, declining traffic in the stores. they really got there by cost cutting. there was something i thought important, and that is online their sales were slightl
and the america's energy independent company. >> i thought you said they are an -- >> they must have mining operations. >> biproduct or something? or when you dig up one of them, lithium comes off. >> it may be true. what's interesting is they are chilean but 50% of the lithium comes from bolivia. what's obviously right now the leader of morales, close copatriot of hugo chavez. trade on the battery, there's a trade there. secondly, there's lithium ion batteries that we say are energy independent. you've got to go to bolivia. and if you want to get cobalt in batteries, you have to go to the democratic republic of the congo. maybe your alliance is shifting from the middle east, but to other places. the only place in the u.s. you can get lithium is nevada. >> here at the big board, western asset management company celebrating a recent ipo of investment grade defined opportunities trusts. ibi is the ticker. at the nasdaq, checkpoint software, ticker chkp. >> mark, we should note that the company making the battery, the lithium ion is lg, south korean company. >> sure. >> big consumer of electro
and in all who can pursue their dream in an america that is more equal and more just, including myself. the kennedy name is synonymous with the democratic party. and at times, ted was the target of partisan campaign attacks, but in the united states senate, i can think of no one who e engenderred greater respect by both sides of aisle. he had warmth and good cheer. he compassionately battled others and do so peerlessly on the senate floor to the causes he held more dear and yet maintained friendship across party lines. that's one reason he became not only one of the greatest senators of our time but one of the most accomplished americans ever to serve our democracy. extraordinary life on this earth has come to an end. an extraordinary good that he did lives on. for his family, he was a guardian. for america, he was defender of a dream. i spoke earlier this morning to senator kennedy's beloved wife vicki who was to the end such a wonderful source of encouragement and strength. our thoughts and prayers are with her, his children kara, edward and patrick, his stepchildren kiran and caroli
it has in u.s., latin america and new mexico. been around quite some time. the future will be the key for investors in terms of once the deal is done, the separation from liberty, what happens there. you know what? i'm out of time to tell you about news corp. perhaps we'll leave that one for later. mr. haines, back to you. >> thank you, mr. faber. the final countdown to the opening bell coming right up. ever want to look over the shoulder of a seasoned stock trader? well, here's your chance... i'm running strategy desk from td ameritrade to set up a trading strategy based on how i think the market's trending-- right now i'm looking at a 20-80 stochastic cross. now, i could be running multiple strategies... my own tweak or some combination-- but for now--this is good... this is strategy desk, advanced technology for traders from td ameritrade. it's designed specifically for traders. with strategy desk i can compare the 20-80 with other strategies and back-test them all. multiple strategies. multiple stocks. over time. and i can look at that at the symbol level or have it charted out fo
help your savings account grow because keep the change from bank of america rounds up every debit card purchase to the next dollar and transfers the difference from your checking to savings account. it's one of the many ways we make saving money in tough times a whole lot easier. introducing the all new chevy equinox. with an epa estimated 32 miles per gallon. and up to 600 miles between fill ups. it's the most fuel efficient crossover on the highway. better than honda cr-v, toyota rav4 and even the ford escape hybrid. the all new chevy equinox. >>> in this morning's sound check, a and b on the state of the consumer and well-known expert on why he's bullish on of all things, natural gas. >> price really has a lot to do with value, so it's not just because the price is higher. if you've got the value and people do recognize value. but it really is, today, it's so much more price driven consumer. >> i like the idea of buying natural gas. certainly in preference to oil. it's right now at a record high ratio of like 23-1. usually it's like 8 or 9-1. i like the idea of buying it. it's just
... and for me, well, it wouldn't be so bad if this breadwinner brought home a little more bread. repower america. clicked on stocks on our website. it gained more than doubled since the haines bottom, doubled. joining us for a look at what kind of opportunity it holds for investors because you clicked, travis mccord, technology analyst with morgan keegan. good to have you with us. >> good morning. >> i was just looking at a story here, bloomberg did today, actually. interesting little nuggets here about apple's flagship store on fifth avenue. when you look at their revenue, they're essentially selling the equivalent of a mercedes benz c-300 sedan for every square foot. that's how much business they're doing in this store. sort of a little annetecdote th may show the resiliency of the iphone. >> and not to mention the market share gains of the mac and in general that we're now seeing seven or eight years later microsoft try to replicate. >> do you believe that the iphone is here for good? do we have room for all of these competing products and apple will continue to grow, or is it not going to be
in the open. small cloud around citi. bank of america raised. that stock -- can't see it now. opened up 2%. how are we looking at the nasdaq? >> we opened slightly weaker this morning. down 3.5 points. nothing too big here. certainly want to keep an eye on the video gamers after i mentioned data the group came out with. 29% fall in video game sales last month. year over year. and some of these stocks have been under pressure. as you can see, literally as i'm talking here, they turned from a negative to positive. interactive, negative turned marginally positive. there's stocks that worth keeping an eye on today. big couch mixed off the open. amazon down about 1%. it certainly impacted from the drop-off in video game sales. there is a positive news today added to strategic stock selections list over at ubs. amgen, flex waiting quickly between positive and negative. fda panel voted against the key drug related to bone loss. downgraded over at citi. deutsche bank with a note saying now is the time to get in. buy on the weakness that the market has it wrong. auto desk upgraded on to source of
, bank of america all up 5% here. there's ibm opening up 40 cents. ig has been up 10% all morning on very high volume here. just opened up 12% here. of course, you heard the story all this week. a little bit of short covering. a lot of momentum trading. and a little bit of real news as the ceo acknowledged he has been talking to the former ceo hank greenburg. a lot, of course, is moving aig around. tiffany had good numbers. yes, same-store sales were down 16% but they bleeat on the top line. again, good cost controls. more importantly, raised their full year guidance. it's a bit below analyst expectations. j. crew, you got a great combination here. mickey drexler, legend in the business, managing the company well, great store, great inventory. michelle obama also helping out, too. that stock moving to the upside here. profits better than expected. outlook for the third quarter also strong and above expectations. tradertalk.cnbc.com. scott, i'm sure we got tech stocks moving nicely. >> absolutely, bob. up better than 1%. by now you know the story. dell is up. dell was up 5% the last time i
.s. stocks down along with it. this comes as warren buffett warned the public debt in america is becoming unsustainable. mad man himself jim cramer with his take on the news of the morning and more, jim, i know you've got the two cs and the g on your mind. >> i do. >> let's start with c-1, china. what do you say? >> i don't know how much to fret about a market that is under 80% and boon market territory when it's still up 60 plus. my problem with that is if you try to take your cue if that you're talking about our market being up 6%, 7% rather than 8%. i'm not willing to panic over the idea that china is in a bear market. how about a correction after the greatest powerball move we've had in our lifetime? >> how does that copy over here? i mean, do you subscribe to the theory everyone keeps saying which, is hey, 10% correction here in the u.s. would be a good thing, froth and then the rally continues? >> no, i think that's too sev e severe. remember, i've been saying 3% to 5%. anything contained there is meandering right here versus china, which isn't so bad. also, you've got to remember
want to talk about morgan stanley. downgrade t at bank of america, knew tra to buy, as they say shares are no longer a bargain. big story last week was aig and the huge run-up in shares there. the stock alone in august went from 13 no to near 50. barron's over the weekend saying the stock is over-priced. then fannie and freddie has enjoyed a meteoric rise. fannie up 2% in august. freddie up 280%. fbr says no fupd mentndamental n these companies. stock split which it says is unlikely. let's go to matt nesto at the nasdaq. >> thanks very much. the premarket indicator showing we're going to snap that four-day winning streak, out performance of the nasdaq looks to have hit the wall today. certainly the chinese news is not playing well in the marketplace. look at the corporate news we have out here today, you see intel shares are down on this despite a report from the semi industry association that showed, well, slowing contraction of semiconductor sales for the month of july, they were down 18% versus a year to date average annual decline of 25%. look sequentially, month on month, the chip
, that works for me. are you ready to declare your independence? independence is the spirit that drives america's most successful investors. announcer: trade commission-free for 30 days plus get $100 cash when you open an account. >>> welcome back to "squawk on the street." the opening bell is going to ring in two minutes. it's time for our -- >> you going to go first? >> my one thing is the wall of worry. we have been -- we took off from the bottom in march. we got up maybe 1,000, 1200 points to say the high 7s. we're now in the mid 9s. so about 2,000 points and people have been whining every step of the way way. >> things have been whining quite a bit. >> it's over valued, over extended, it's this, it's that, it's ahead of the latest in the fc today, are the world's stock market getting ahead of economic reality? folks, all of this sket tichls tichl skepticism is a positive sign. this continued skepticism is a very good thing. >> meanwhile, you missed 17% on the s&p. i mean, if you jumped out anywhere along the way in march, i mean, everybody, that was the, you know, the bottom of -- >> worst
's just not fair or straight-forward. td ameritrade. independence is the spirit that drives america's most successful investors. >>> you're watching cnbc's "squawk on the street." we are live from the financial can can't tapital of the world. the opening bell is going to open in less than a minute. the futures entered their electronic session 15 minutes ago at the high point of the session, up 1040. so we're looking at 70, 80 points on the dow at the open. even though oil is up almost two bucks. kind of like a tax increase for consumers. >> and it's something that i notice as we're getting car sales out today. gm sales in china in july, which they've already come out with, we'll get their u.s. numbers later on today. 77.7% higher than they were a year ago. >> and ford is expecting to report higher sales of a year ago for the first time in two years. >> yeah.. this is pretty -- >> there's a lot of good news out there today.y. >> it is pretty incredible. we'll have more on that coming up in a couple of moments. but here's the bell. >> here's we go. the office depot foundation marking its 2 m
that is a lot bigger than the one we're in now. >> that's absolutely correct. but i don't think that america is fading into the sunset. i think it's only a question of when we hit that 14,100 mark again. i'm not suggesting it's over the next 12 or 15 months.. i absolutely believe over the next few years we will see that number again. >> michelle, you like something called concur tack? >> yeah. >> convince me that i should concur. >> that the an on-demand software company that produces travel and expense software, which takes what has historically been a very manual process in planning and booking your travel. i know for me, putting together an expense report and having somebody go through it and issue the checks. what concur software does is automate that process, so it allows companies to have much greater productivity along the process and -- and so they did have revenue growth in the quarter. revenue was up 13%. signed 700 customers in the quarter. several of those were large customers. and, yeah, in fact, beat on the bottom line as well. >> and capella education convinced me i should sin
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